By | April 18, 2019

Visiting a beauty day spa is one of the more relaxing things you could do short of going on an extended vacation to the Fiji Islands. Imagine a day without worries immersed in facial treatments, body massages, hot oils and aromatherapy. But what should one do to prepare for a first day spa visit? Are there any special rituals you need to do? Read on to find out what you need to do.

After finding a day spa near you, find out first if the day spa services they offer suit you. Are you looking for a massage only? What kind? Hard or soft? These are things worth considering if you want to make the most out of your visit. When you’ve found one that caters to your needs, making an appointment is as easy as picking up the phone. If you prefer, there are day spas that allow bookings via email as well.

When you have finally booked an appointment, the wait for the appointed day begins. On the day itself, be sure to shower and shave to make you look and feel good. You will be asked to remove your clothing so having one less thing to worry about helps. If you have sensitive skin though, be sure that you shave the night before to avoid irritation. Especially since various oils will be used on your body and for facial treatments. For those who are not comfortable with being naked around other people, don’t worry since the only parts that will be exposed are the ones that will be worked on. Never will you be asked to go fully naked. However if you feel comfortable being naked, no one will stop you. Also be aware that the spa will sell you stuff, so be ready by leaving your wallet in the car and bringing just enough to pay for the services and buy the products you plan to buy.

Also, be sure to dress rightly, and prepare what needs to be prepared. If you get a pedicure, wear your flip flops, if you are a contact lens wearer, bring a case and solution to store it in, small things like that make a huge difference. Be sure also to eat a light meal and drink sparingly. You wouldn’t want to be uncomfortable with a full stomach while being treated, and in the same vein, you wouldn’t want to go rushing to the bathroom every few minutes when you should be relaxing.

Arrive early. About 15 minutes before your appointed time is good. Why? So you won’t have to rush when you are asked to wear a robe, so you’d have time to take in the surroundings and relax before getting into the day spa services. Who wants to get stressed rushing just so you can relax? A beauty day spa is designed to help you relax, so make the most out of it. Take in the sights and scents and and relax. Remember to breath of course. Breath in and relax by dropping your tummy, lowering your shoulders and not thinking of any stressful thing in your life. You are here to relax, so stop fussing about the little things.

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