Summer Break Does Not Mean A Fitness Break

By | June 29, 2019

If you are a parent, you know that as soon as the final school bell of the year rings, kids are looking for something to do. Even the most studious children during the school year may turn into lazy versions of themselves during the long summer days. While kids should get a break from school, there is no reason why they cannot stay active during the summer months. If the right activities are planned and available to them, they are more likely to get out and have fun instead of lying around the house complaining of boredom. Having a plan for the summer months will make the break easier on the entire family. Kids with an agenda are typically happier. If you are trying to think of ways to keep your kids active during the warm summer months, there are plenty of options. The first thing you want to do is plan far enough in advance so you are not stuck at the last minute trying to come up with options. You also should find affordable options. Even if you choose to splurge once in awhile during the summer, you want to be sure there are cheap choices each day to offer your kids. Finally, you want to make sure the options are safe for everyone and that they keep kids moving so they stay fit. The goal is to avoid kids sitting around the house on the couch, stuffing their faces with sugary or fattening foods all summer long. If your kid is a sports enthusiast, keep their skills sharp with informal practice sessions. For kids who love playing ball, consider Pitching machines or baseball training aids for the backyard. If they love basketball, install a net on the exterior of the garage. This gets them outdoors enjoying their time off while staying active.

Another option is to find a camp that will keep kids fit and busy. There are camps for just about every interest, so be sure to choose something your child enjoys.

If camp is not in the budget, create a camp right at your house. Kids can invite friends over once a week for a day camp, or you can schedule an afternoon of organized activities for just your own child or children. Even arts and crafts will get activity into the lives of kids. Send them out in the area to find natural items like twigs, leaves, and grass, and then have them create art projects with their findings.

A fitness class might be fun for them as well. Local schools often offer fitness classes during the summer time.

Again, those without the funds for a class can design one at home. There is no reason why the family cannot gather together to go swimming, practice a sport, or even enjoy a fitness tape together.

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