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By | August 20, 2019

Practice makes a man perfect is something that each of us is aware of. It is all the more true for Soccer Practice sessions. The kids enter the ground everyday with a hope to try something exciting and new. However, remember that the kids must be made to practice old techniques in soccer training regularly that have been taught by you.

So here the difficult part for you is to ensure that kids don’t get bored practicing the same drills day in and day out. To aid you in carrying out practice sessions in a way that’s motivating, regular, and closely controlled; following are some tips.

1. This has already been highlighted as very important. You are the kid’s instructor and therefore they will imitate your actions. Be punctual on the field, show them your expertise with the ball, involve everyone in drills, and organize the sessions well. This will help you win the players respect and trust.

2. The kids should be instructed to get to the field everyday with their own ball. It is mandatory that every kid has a soccer ball. But have a few extra balls ready in case the kids forget to carry theirs.

Soccer Coaching Drills

3. A number of soccer moves are such that call for daily practice sincerely. Kicking, passing, dribbling, and throw-ins account for some basic elements in soccer practice. The kids are required to practice these repeatedly. Make sure each one of the kids participate in this even if some of them shy away in the beginning.

4. Introduce more games than soccer drills in practice sessions. This is mainly because comparatively more resilience and skill is required in games than drills. Also, with games, you can experiment and innovate while keeping the focus on soccer.

5. Regulation is of paramount importance for a team in order to be victorious. With kids, it is almost certain that you will have issues. It is mandatory to correct all instances of indiscipline irrespective of their scale. But mind the method since you are dealing with young kids here and not adults.

6. When the practice session is on, you will notice that some players just stand there while others chase the ball. Make certain that this does not take place. Every kid should participate in one way or the other in the session. Talk to the players about their respective positions and teach them to be responsible in those positions.

7. Do not allow a lot of scrimmage. About 15 to 20 minutes at the end of the session is good enough. Also, do not appoint a goalie when scrimmaging. This will teach the kids to be good defenders.

8. Keep innovating and experimenting with games and drills. That is the best way to keep the interest of the kids alive in the training sessions.

Now, go ahead and make these tips work for you in the soccer practice sessions. These will raise the ability and skills of your players within a short span of few weeks. Our youth soccer coaching community has a wealth of resources. Register today and see your team’s performances get better with every training session.


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