OutNowTech AJAX Multitool Pliers for Indoors, Outdoors

By | June 19, 2019

People prefer to bring a multitool for all sorts of reasons. Some prefer to utilize them in their company or trade, some prefer to take them on hiking and camping trips, some prefer to have them around the home. The common factor in all cases is the ability to load a variety of functions into a single piece of kit, instead of keeping an entire tool kit to cover all scenarios.

Together with the range of usages, there’s a range of prices to match. You can pay 00 or more for a big-name brand ‘professional’ multitool, right down to less than $20 for a simple, occasional-use leisure product. This one, the OutNowTech AJAX Multitool, falls in the mid-range, price-wise, however has a huge amount of the characteristics of those big-name brand devices. It’s well made, sturdy, has a lot of devices integrated, and it looks excellent too. This would fit most functions extremely well, though it does not claim to be a ‘professional’ device.

The AJAX, when closed up, looks like a rather fancy pen knife. If has a 3″ sharp blade, a 3″ saw blade, 2 sizes of flat-blade screwdrivers, a Philips screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, and a leather punch. These are all available from the outside of the device; you need to beware of your thumbnails when it’s brand-new, due to the fact that they can be a little tight at first.

However along with all those small devices, you can fold back the handles to reveal a substantial set of pliers. These have integrated internal springing, so that the jaws open on their own when you relax your grip – really convenient when you are attempting to work a piece. They also integrate hardened steel wire cutters.

The OutNowTech AJAX Multitool comes complete with a nylon pouch with a Velcro fastener and a belt loop. There’s no expensive packaging, which helps keep the manufacturing expenses down. If you are in the marketplace for a durable multitool that will not break the bank, the AJAX is definitely worth a shot.

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The OutNowTech AJAX Multitool is a flexible mid-price device for indoor and outside usage, fantastic for hikers, campers and outside lovers to bring in the pack on any trip, and helpful to have around your home for odd jobs that may come up. It includes blades for cutting and sawing, two sizes of flat-blade screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver, can opener and bottle opener (essential for your outdoor camping trip) and a leather punch device you can use for adapting straps and webbing.

If you are a fan of multitools however you do not want to risk your big-name brand $80-00 device on a camping or hiking trip, this would be a terrific device for you. It will do the majority of exactly what those expensive devices will do however at a cost point where you are not going to lose sleep if you drop it on the path.

If you are brand-new to multitools, the OutNowTech AJAX Multitool will let you see exactly what the hassle has to do with without having to make a huge financial investment.


* Pliers – 2Cr13 Stainless Steel
* Wire cutters – 4Cr14 Stainless Steel for firmness
* 3″ Knife Blade – 420HC Steel – High Carbon Stainless Steel For Firmness And Honing Capability – Will Hone To A Great Edge
* 3″ Saw Blade – With the ability of Sawing Little Branches, Plastic Tube, etc
* Small| and Medium Flat-Blade Screwdrivers
* Phillips Screwdriver
* Bottle Opener
* Can Opener
* Leather Punch

The OutNowTech AJAX Multitool would make a terrific present for someone you understand who takes pleasure in the outdoors or doing handyman tasks. Order yours now!

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