Orange Mountain Bikes and The Diva

Orange mountain bikes, like many other bike manufacturers, offer versions of their bikes which have been altered and tweaked to accommodate the female form. Such bikes are generally called women specific designs and the biking world still hasn’t reached a consensus on whether there is even a need for them.Before about a decade ago female riders had to cope with bikes designed for men. But you can’t argue with Orange mountain bikes when they point out there are some clear differences between girls and boys and that if a bike reflects the differences, it’ll be more comfortable.

When starting out at designing women’s bikes, Orange mountain bikes identified that as a rule, women are a little smaller than men and their body sizes tend to vary less. Because of all that, the Diva by Orange mountain bikes is sized slightly differently with slightly different geometry to the men’s standard model so that it better fits the female body and is more comfortable to ride.

Most women need bikes that are a little shorter and lower, as well as benefitting from lightweight models.The Orange Five Diva offers all of this. If you’re a mountain biker you’re surely aware of the Orange mountain bikes’ Five, which is a classic.You can barely hit a trail without seeing a few about. Perhaps you’ll even see a few Diva Fives about. But are they worth it?

When you buy and Orange mountain bikes Diva Five, you get a choice of short or long sizes. Whichever you choose, it is based around the standard 14” Five model. The build kit is probably the most obvious difference between teh Diva and the standard: it uses 165mm cranks instead of the standard’s 175mm ones.There is also the obligatory women’s saddle.

The bike is very lightweight, thanks in part to the air suspension it features on both the front and back. Narrower handlebars, women’s saddle and shorter cranks also make it a comfortable bike to ride. Don’t let the comfort factor put you off: there are still Hope breaks and Shimano gears.

In all, you can’t argue that Orange mountain bikes have done quite a good job on the Diva Five. It was never going to be a bad plan to take a classis design and alter it to work better for women.If you’re on the lookout for a great women’s trail bike then look no further.

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