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By | March 3, 2019

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Awesome Water Filtering Bottle for Camping 

I got this water filtration bottle as a present for my birthday last May since I’m pretty much a hardcore camping enthusiast. My wife knew that I needed a new water bottle filter, but she didn’t think it would save my life. In May we were half way up McKinney trail when my […]

A Bag That Will Offer You Liberty On Your Outdoor Adventures 

I am a passionate sea kayaker and an outdoors kind of person and always questioned what to do with my phone when there is an opportunity my phone may get wet. The concept of getting my phone wet while I am kayaking or getting caught in a down pour on my quad bike actually trouble […]

Excellent New Way To Use Your Sneakers 

I love these! My own tennis shoes are a bit odd with the shoelaces. They have 2 pairs of holes at the bottom, 2 pairs of loops, and then 3 pairs of holes at the top. It took 15 minutes to lastly get these flexible laces in, and they work completely! I’m able to place […]

Exit 252 Launches a ‘Shoulder Sling Pack’ Designed With Your Following Experience In Mind! 

I discovered this Sling Shoulder Pack to use, for all of my outdoor activities. The Sling Shoulder Pack is light and allowed me to keep my hands totally free while out and about, however I discovered that what I liked was having all of the small essentials close by me throughout my outdoor journey. This […]

Ankle Support by PES, Entirely Adjustable, Unisex, Perfect for all Sports, Includes FREE Wrist Support 

Is the best thing about the Positive Energy ankle support its multi-directional solid support? Maybe the great thing about the Positive Energy ankle support is its slim,secure fit? How about the high quality materials and top class construction – undoubtedly they’re the best thing about it? Perhaps the great thing about this amazing support is […]

SportyGlove- Multi Use Sports and Runners Gloves 

You can lose as much as 30 % of your temperature through your extremities, so it’s important to cover those hands when you’re running in winter. And not keeping your hands effectively protected during frigid runs might not just be unpleasant, however likewise possibly hazardous.
SportyGlove Smart Running Gloves from Trim Fit Life keep your fingers […]

Great Safety Light for Outdoor Pursuits with Innovative Magnetic Closure 

I’ve just discovered this brilliant safety light called Night Eye on Amazon. It’s like no other safety light that I’ve used – no rigid plastic clips or fiddly straps, this light uses a revolutionary new magnetic closure and silicone case which means it can be clipped on securely in a variety of places.
If you run, […]

Bike Seat Bag – A Way To Carry Every Gear For Biking 

I ride a bike numerous times a month, sometimes more when the weather permits. I ride throughout the city and throughout some city tracks numerous miles from house. It is always crucial to bring a couple of bike tools and an extra inner tube. You never ever know when you’re going to need it. It’s […]

Fuego Socks – High Quality – Perfect for Soccer – Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

I am extremely active in sports. I hate to throw things out, so I have a “junk sock draw” where I keep all the socks that have actually triggered me issues over time. My junk sock draw is pretty full. I used to find it tough to discover socks that I really liked putting on. […]

The All New GearTOP Skull Cap: Helping Push The Limits In Any Adventure Sport! 

I am assuming I am not the only one, when I say that the cold quite frequently limits my performance when participating in outdoor activities, such as running, cycling, hiking, snowboarding, skiing, and more – that is until I found a piece of headwear that helps me move past such roadblocks, by keeping me warm […]

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