List of Fat Burning Foods

By | May 21, 2019

Have you been looking for a list of fat burning foods? If you know the value of quality foods and the impact it has on your health I am going to assume that you wanting to change your dietary habits.

Making the necessary changes to your lifestyle is not easy. If you ask any hot shot who has ever lost weight they will tell you that’s its all about educating yourself on healthy foods.

If fat lose is your goal then starving yourself on a low carbs diet with no meat will not help. Contrary to what people say this is not the best way to lose weight and get fit. Having a well balanced meal is more important and will give you a lot more significant results then hyped up fad diets. Take it from me fad diets DO NOT work.

More important to remember apart from a well balanced meal is the timing of your meals. Three meals a day will not increase your metabolism needed to burn up those calories. Instead what you will need to do is increase your meal intake to at least 6 small portion meals a day.

Here is a little example meal I take in day.

• 1 egg, mushrooms, onions and cheese, one sausage, an orange, cuppa green tea

Mid Morning
• Walnuts and a banana with ricotta cheese

• Chicken and Vegetable sandwich, no or low fat mayo

Mid Afternoon
• Yogurt and chopped nuts or seeds ( seeds and nuts an awesome form of natural fat)

• 4oz chicken breast with steamed vegetables

Late Evening
• Fruits or nuts with cottage cheese

I can tell you that from personal experience I weighed in at 90kgs and stood at a height of 5 ft 10 inches. Upon educating myself about a list of fat burning foods I am now 85 kgs and dropping progressively as a result of eating right. My overall goal is to master how to build lean muscle and if my diet maintains and I exercise regularly I will get there.

To find this list of fat burning foods feel FREE to check out my website today. I would recommend that you find the time to print this page or bookmark it so you can always refer back.

Get your diet right and your body will respond well to your exercises, after all these two work hand in hand. Keep consistent with your efforts and stay dedicated.

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