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By | July 3, 2019

nyone can acknowledgeKeen shoes by its toes. Keen Shoe’s have a signature large, upturned bumper to give the brand identity style, and comfort. Keen sandals started in 2003 with hybrid performance shoes that change to the rocky terrain or city streets.

Among all of the Keen sandals, the Newport H2 has become the most popular. Made to perform in severe conditions, the Men’s Newport H2 has a razor-sipped out sole and 3mm lugs to provide excellent traction. The sandal is a legendary hybrid. The synthetic uppers withstand the beatings of saltwater and grime. The sandals also give comfort and style. With the synthetic straps and siped carbon rubber out sole, makes it effortless to move across land or water in style!

You can find a multitude of Keen Sandals. There are great water sports sandals that can be worn to the bar or a restaurant later the same night. Everyone of the water sport sandals machine washable and have been treated with antimicrobial technology to block out odor. All of Keen Sandals offer rugged, sporty nice looks, and are extremely versatile. The sandals are very fashionable, and offer superior foot protection than many other sandal brands. These sandals feel and match exactly like a shoe. Keen also has commuter bike sandals. These sandals are all-terrain and can handle rough passages, while cushioning your feet.

Keen boots are full with many features. They have hand-sculpted lasts that are not found in many competing sandals. They also have anatomic foot beds that are truly incredibly comfortable in a sandal. All of the leather is waterproof Another stunning feature is there are anti-odor linings and foot bed. This is great especially because the sandals can be used effortlessly in the water.

The sandals also have super-traction bottoms and a patented toe cap. This covering keeps the sand out and eliminates stubbed toes The shoes have unsurpassed arch support and durable, gripping soles. They lace with an elastic gizmo that closes quickly and securely. Best of all, water goes right out of them and they become dry very quickly. One can finally be at ease, without having to worry about wet footwear!

Keen Sandals are for men, women, and even children. They put on like a shoe, feel like a shoe, but still let the cool breeze pass through from the warm weather to remind they are still a sandal! Find Keen outlet styles at a local retailer, or go online for a larger selection of colors and styles.

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