How To Keep Your Swimming Pool Clear Of Algae

By | August 27, 2019

All swimming pool owners know that if you do not regularly maintain the water in your pool then you will end up with green water. The green water is caused by algae forming in the water and . As long as you stick to a schedule you can make sure that you stop algae from forming in your pool. This means you will be able to enjoy it on a regular basis without having to worry about infections caused by germs in the water. It is a great idea to buy a water testing kit for checking your pool, this will them let you know what amount of swimming pool chemicals you should add to the water to keep it clean. Using a test kit to check your regulary is sensible as different conditions effect the water causing swimming pool chemicals to react differently so here are some tips to keep your pool clean.

1. Keep An Eye On The Weather – Different types of weather conditions can have dramatic effects on the water in your pool. Gusty winds and extended periods of rainfall will shake up the pool chemicals causing them to break down more quickly. Sunny weather conditions will have similar effects as the heating up of the water will cause the chemicals to react more quickly. One of the best ways of dealing with this problem is to regularly give your pool shock treatments.

2. Don’t Just Rely On Chemicals – You can’t just put swimming pool chemicals in the water if you want a clean pool, you have to put some effort into cleaning it too. Brushing algae off of the swimming pool liner and around the pool will also help. It is also a good idea to get a vacumm that will clean the bottom of the swimming pool. An automatic robot vacuum can be expensive but are worth it as they can clean the pool whenever it is not being used. However you will still need to regularly skim any leaves or other debris that have fallen in the water.

3. Clean And Replace The Filter – It is sensible to monitor your swimming pool filter and take care of it. You want to check swimming pool filters on a regular basis as they can become clogged or damaged. If yours uses a paper filter then keep a supply of replacements so you can change them as neeeded. Those of you that have sand filters will need to back wash them regularly to keep them well maintained.

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