Cordyceps sinensis and C25K – cordyceps sinensis and the Couch to 5k program

By | August 1, 2019

cordyceps sinensis capsules – Make working out easier and less painful the natural way

Just a short history of what happened…

My work makes me sit at the desk most of the time and all the healthy eating and brisks walks doesnt make up for the inactivity I was stacking on my chair! Anyway I was beginning to get out of shape and decided that I wont be the guy who is stuck in bed and needs to be transported by flat bed trucks… no not for me, so I decided to take up running but needed a way to make it a whole lot easier without all that pain you get when you first exercise, I had been going to the gym some time back but wanted a way to help me get that edge without any harm or side effects. Thats when I looked into using cordyceps sinensis and its ability to help enhance peoples ability to breath and – also it was amazing to hear that Chinese athletes managed to break several records in 1993 at some national olympics. Seeing as I wanted to run, I thought why not?
Once I was happy with my research on cordyceps – I had found out it was a super food and was classed as GRAS (generally recognised as safe) by the US Food & Drug Administration I decided to give it a go, but first the most important thing for me was to get a program which was challenging yet didnt appease the user but rather challeneged them to better themselves. Thats why I choose to run the C25K program, its a free podcast and I wanted to run because I wanted that challenge. Its abit like how the Roman soldiers trained so that it was very mobile and healthy, the exercise comprised of walking running and jogging, this high intensity training switches between allowing you to run and then take a brisk walk before running alot longer with a longer break – just to let you look forward to catching your breath :). You end up really enjoying your runs as its not about running a distance but enduring the amount of time the music is playing. If you’ve never heard of the Couch to 5k running program then you should check it out – its a gentle introduction to getting you moving and then running in a matter of weeks, your returns will be a better looking set of legs and a definite feeling of well being and health after you get into the later sessions. This is completely different from a cross trainer and its far better in my opinion!

I decided to skip the first and second week of training because my friend had started this and was going to be my training partner and I wanted to start where he was… LOL dont ever do that unless you have some severe honour and macho ‘beat your chest’ issues, I no longer have them and will not ever again LOL But the good news is I could run for 90 seconds and after a 90 second break I could run 3 minutes without stopping, further more we did that twice without as much a complaint or ache. You sporty people may say it is nothing but try doing this when you are out of shape and have been out of training for some time – when you have that few extra pounds to constitue a weight issue, running seems just that much harder but I pulled through and I am still big but cordyceps sinensis has made a big difference in my health and my ability to run and do exercise. My mood has improved along with my concentration has magically come back – all of this has come from using the cordyceps sinensis to make my workout just that bit easier with my recovery being quicker, you’ll feel like it was the greatest thing ever as you notice your stamina and endurance improving. If you check out google, you’ll see many people who have benefited from using cordyceps sinensis in their exercise regime!

So when you want to start stepping up to the challenge – all you have to do is get some cordyceps sinensis and start your journey onto better health, a higher rate of endurance and ample loads of energy and to top it off this is not toxic in any amounts – go on give it a try, you wont be dissapointed.

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