Cleaning Road Bikes The Bare Minimum

By | August 22, 2019

If like me you’re a fan of road bikes, then it goes without saying that you’ll want to look after them. Poorly maintained road bikes can lead to a devastating failure in performance. the life of road bikes can also be significantly reduced in length by poor maintenance.

The is of course a whole list of things that owners of road bikes can do to ensure that their bikes are kept in the best condition. The best news for road bikes riders is that much of the maintenance will cost very little indeed. The bad news is simply that owners of road bikes will need to put in a little effort to make sure they stay at their best. It goes without saying that owners of road bikes who take their activity the slightest bit seriously will want to look after their road bikes.

Some of the things you’ll need to clean your road bikes are a bucket, hot water, washing-up liquid, a brush or sponge or both, old rags, grease, oil or other specialist lubrication and a degreaser.

here are some of the simplest things that can be achieved first of all. It’s astonishingly simple and blatantly obvious, but many people simply can’t be bothered! Yes, that’s right – it’s cleaning the frame on road bikes. Ask yourself how many owners of road bikes get back from a tough ride, head for the kitchen and the lounge and ‘forget’ to clean their bikes. If road bikes could talk, then they would say that the most important par tof the cleaning process is to make sure that their frames are stripped of any mud and dirt collected from a long bike rise. Just use a little hot water and soap, and a little hard-work, and it will be sparkling clean in no time. Acquiring the correct cleaning solution can be obtained from specialist dealers of road bikes, meaning that owners can find the best solution for their bike.

Secondly, lubricating your road bike’s moving parts is vitally important. First of all you’ll need to remove old and dirty grease using a degreaser which again, can be found in specialist bike stores and with the aid of a small toothbrush.

So, here are some of the simplest things to do to make sure road bikes are in tip-top condition.

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