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By | April 21, 2019

Is there such thing, as the professional player in is craps? It is a wrong question. You should ask, whether there is presentation of such a thing, as the successful professional player in the Bone (a keyword “successful”). It is simple and clear that it is not present. Statistically it is impossible for the player to win in long-term prospect. Game stacked against the player in favor of a casino.

Knowing that the player cannot, and will not win in long-term prospect, we will find out that the question on what such thing as the successful professional player of the Bone is, also a wrong question. Really, using a word “professional”, it cancels a question. defines “professional”, as after occupation, as means of subsistence or benefit. As it is statistically impossible for the player to win in long-term prospect, the player cannot possible use the dicing as means of subsistence or benefit. Differently, if you play long enough, you will lose all money. Thus, the term “professional” cannot be applied lawful to dicing.

I read articles which specify in that the Key of being the successful player recovers to play only for the short period of time because of the long period of playing increase potential losses. It is simple Nutty. The Rate law is known as you playing in short-term or long-term sessions. Rather short breaks (for example to eat, sleep, work, go in a bathroom) have no sense in long-term prospect. The Rate law knows the statistical data in favor of a casino, and that the player will finally lose. Playing for the short or long period does not do anything to affect an end result. Instead of having fast broken, playing long sessions, you will be ruined more slowly, playing short sessions.

Bones play gambling. Gambling means that you will not lose in long-term prospect. When you heard or read about someone who makes a successful life, playing craps, walking or close the book because it is about you to feed loadings dung (pun) or to sell to you something you, of course, we do not want.

Knowing players of the Bone, who understand mathematics, accept that fact that they will lose. They play simply just for the hell of it and impressions that Costa offers. The knowing player does not count on a victory. She/he hopes for a victory, but did not expect. He/she receives victories during defined sessions. But she/he knows that it, possibly, will lose the following session. We play only for entertainment, instead of to earn on a life.

Study in game and find confidence that there is no such thing, as advantageous system of game in craps. To understand and accept that fact that there is no such thing, as the Costa-control artist (that is, presumably, who can supervise results of throw of bones by means of a concrete set of skills). If you are going to play gambling, games for pleasure and any other reasons. Otherwise, you will be disappointed, when you definitively lose.

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