Canadian Stamps Collecting Is Equally Enjoyable And Enlightening

By | February 7, 2019

Stamp collection, also known as philately, is a popular hobby among the children today. Whether you’re a collector of American stamps, British stamps, or Canadian stamps, it can always be a joy to include a new stamp in your collection. To find out which postage stamps is likely to make the ideal inclusion for your collection, it is recommended to know of the many different types of postage stamps that you can find.

Stamp collecting is much fun, and there are postage stamps from around the world that you can find to add to your collection. There are a number of quite valuable postage stamps you could collect, while other nickel postage stamps are simply fun and decorative for your personal stamp collection. Among the many nations which issue postage stamps is Canada, and you might find that stamps from Canada may be a beneficial inclusion to your stamp collection.
Stamps from Canada may actually be some of the best postage stamps to get, and there’s a huge variety of Canadian stamps that you can come across to add to your collection. You’ll find celebrity stamps, stunning postage stamps of wildlife, historical postage stamps, and picture postage stamps amonst the many Canadian stamps available to you to get.

Numerous Canadian stamps have been released in honor of some of Canada’s famous stars, such as:
Ice hockey star and restaurant owner Tim Horton
King Kong actress, Fay Wray
Iconic writer and famous artist Emily Carr
Ice hockey player for the NY Islanders and winner of the Stanley Cup Mike Bossy
Singer and songwriter – Paul anka
Actor and comedian John Candy

And significant men and women internationally such as
Nobel Prize Winner and original Prime Minister of Britain, Winston Churchill

These are many of the Canadian postage stamps that you are able to come across to honor some of Canada’s as well as the world’s heroes, but there are a number of great stamps from history as well. In actual fact, postage stamps from Canada go back as far as the 1800s, and you’ll come across a few of these historical postage stamps to add to your collection.
The most well-known of the Canadian postage stamps is the 2 cent stamp published way back in in the 1860s. These postage stamps are in reality very hard to come by, nevertheless they will make a priceless inclusion to your collection in case you could get your hands on them. Canada is additionally supposed to have been the initial country to publish Christmas postage stamps, and you may find 1898 Canadian Christmas postage stamps to put in your collection.

Stamp collecting can really be a delight, and you’ll find that incorporating a few of these beautiful Canadian stamps in your collection will really make it complete. By taking enough time to acquire these postage stamps, you are paying homage to the historical past of the nation.
In the world of e-mail and faxes, the Post Office no longer has got the position of importance that it once had, but collecting postage stamps can aid you to remember the people throughout historical past who were very important to the country.

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