Ballet Stretch Bands Resistance Bands: Let Us Help Stretch You To The Top.

By | April 6, 2019

Perform at your peak! 14 Peaks Ballet Stretch Bands for flexibility will assist you to get to the top…and remain there!

Using an elastic stretch band optimizes your warm-up, work-out and cool down which means at curtain call you’ll be at your finest. Ballet Stretch Bands for flexibility are the best tool for those training in classical ballet, contemporary dance, gymnastics and even for individuals who just want to get in shape.

The importance of stretching cannot be stressed enough. It increases blood flow for the muscles which means you’ll be at the top of your game. Stretching also helps in avoiding injury as limber muscles are much less likely to get pulled, split or ripped. Stretching also helps bring about strength, proper posture, reduces tension and calms your nerves.

When using Ballet Stretch Bands for flexibility, you are able to go beyond your normal extending routine. Utilizing an elastic stretch bands adds variety and intensity for a work-out. Using resistance enables that you work harder and stretch further.

Why choose 14 Peaks Ballet Expand Bands? We realize you have choices in relation to deciding which elastic stretch band is right for you so we have made sure to provide you with a number of great reasons to pick us.

Our bands are made of the best quality latex material on the market industry. The last thing you want is to apply an elastic stretch band that will breaks and pops you in the face.

14 Peaks resistance bands are 41″ long that is the length that is pro-dancer preferred. They are 1½” inches wide and therefore are 82″ in circumference. For utmost stretching performance, they are medium resistance.

We also provide extensive stretch training. Each purchase comes with an illustrated e-Book that gives completely detailed instructions on over thirty poses beautifully demonstrated with real-life photographs. A stretch training course is available on video as well so you can learn firsthand from a expert. And…if you have any issues, concerns or just need some one-on-one advice or training, we offer that as well.

14 Peaks Ballet Stretch Bands for flexibility can be found on Amazon Prime. We back each purchase with a 100% guarantee: love your elastic stretch band or we’ll refund your money. It’s a long stretch to the top…we’ll help you get there!


Our stretch bands for flexibility are the excellent addition your dance, ballet or gymnastics routine.


Dance like everyone is watching because…they will be! Ballet is a graceful but vigorous dance type that calls for the utmost ability, talent and physical conditioning.

Usually ballet dancers are slim but very robust. They train difficult, perfecting strength, form, method and stamina. In order to do so without injury calls for very good stretching tactics as well as strength coaching. Our stretch bands for flexibility accommodate each of these demands.

Our flexibility bands are 41″ with medium resistance with an 82″ circumference as researched by expert dancer with a ballet college as the most optimal size to function out with.

FLEX FOR Good results!
Stretch bands for dance are also for a number of other workouts and sports such as GYMNASTICS, General FITNESS, STRETCH Education and STRENGTH coaching. The flexibility strap can be shortened, looped in various methods and can be used in lieu of high-priced, specialty equipment.

WE’VE GOT CLASS! Outstanding STRETCHING INSTRUCTIONAL Education VIDEOS available with far more becoming added on a typical basis. Printed illustrated directions and a free of charge BALLET e-Book with any obtain as well.

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