Are Boats That Are Inflatable Safe Enough For A Family

By | July 28, 2019

Inflatable craft were invented in 1969 in British Isles by a admiral in the English navy after a boating mishap involved some isolated air pockets keeping the boat afloat. Since that time the Inflatable Boats NZ have been a recommended mode of sea boat for special forces and coastguard.

Inflatable Boats NZ make a robust seaworthy vessel that is made in the most durable method and sold to leisure boaters online.

The fact is inflatable boats are just as robust as traditional vessels made from fiberglass, and in some cases we think they may even be more secure.
Most modern boats do not have the buoyancy of an Inflatable Boats NZ and if the vesselsmashes in the rocks then they usually are in trouble. Inflatable boats particularly, our ones, tend to be more buoyant than traditional boats mainly because of the inflatable pontoons and having The individual inflatable sections not only helps diversify the load with the buoyancy but also provides security when the boat does strike something sharp. If you did have the misfortune to get a puncture it will not affect the whole capsule and you will not sink.

Also as mentioned before, an inflatable boat is more steady than a traditional hull due to the air in the pontoons.

A lot of families tend to think that a solid hull provides more peace of mind than an inflatable boat but we at Inflatable Boats NZ disagree and will defend our argument rigorously.

Keep in mind that a inflatable hull has air pockets that remain intact should one of pontoons get punctured.
This means you will not sink. In a traditional boat if you hit a rock you will sink unless the boat has air pockets built in as some current designs do.

If inflatable craft were not safe why do Coast Guard and Surf Life Savers use them? That is a question I would be asking as a family man.

You can buy larger inflatable boats that the family can enjoy safely but like any boat at sea it pays to take precautions.

Ocean inflatable accessories for our prestige quality rugged low cost vessels. Spares are available for all designs and can be ordered as required. Please check what we have in stock when phoning in.

The highest quality lowest cost inflatable boats on the New Zealand market today from our website. We are fisherman, divers and need boats that can handle our conditions to get us to those hard to get places.

So when looking for your next craft please consider the amazing inflatable boat.

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