All You’ll Ever Need From Your First Kiteboarding Kite

By | March 31, 2019

If you’re anything like me, you may have found it a real challenge picking your first kiteboarding kite? With a lot of different brand names of water kite on the market, picking the ideal kite can take a huge amount of time and research.

There are actually countless testimonials online of more than a hundred brand names of kiteboarding equipment. I checked out 3 spots to see as many kites as I could for myself and hear what kiters had to say about their kites and hear opinions on other kites. In the end, I limited my choices by scoring the kites on five criteria. This criteria consisted of quality, general ease of use, price, construction and something which was very important to me as a novice kiter – ease of re-launch. The research was fascinating.

My ultimate selection was a kite called the ‘Shiva’ designed by the Flexifoil brand. Interestingly, I had learnt through a few people and also on online forums that Flexifoil were one of the most costly kite brands, which I have since discovered is a total myth. They are in fact one of the least expensive brands, which surprised me, given the quality of craftsmanship and choice of materials that has gone into this kite.

One other observation I made about Flexifoil which set their brand aside, was the fact that they are an expert kite designer – it’s all they do, and have done for decades. Flexifoil invented the power kiting sport in 1972. From seeing their introductory video on their website, they have designed Sir Richard Branson’s kites and have also appeared on TV alongside some very famous names. I ordered the Shiva online and within just a few days, this fantastically presented, high quality kite was delivered to my door.

If you have just begun kiteboarding (or kitesurfing as it is otherwise known), I completely recommend the Shiva kite to you. It’s a safe, steady, strong, dependable and an easy to re-launch kite which generates sufficient power to get you up and riding, with the added confidence of knowing that it’s a kite created by a specialist kite company. I really hope this assists you make your buying decision.

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In summary, if you are new to kiteboarding and looking to purchase a very safe kite which is simple to set up and fly, then look no further than the Flexifoil Shiva 3d. It packs up neatly so is easily stored in the house or in your car. A strong and reliable kite from the world’s most prominent kite designer.

The kite is available in 6 sizes to encompass wind ranges from 10 to 45 knots. It has been designed with the novice in mind. It can endure substantial impact without affecting its performance. And finally, this kite will give you endless hours of fun.

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