Airsoft Hobby Gun Models Guide

By | June 21, 2019

There is an abunadance of hobbies available for any taste or interest. From sports to video games, there is definitely something for everyone. For the boy inside the man, airsoft fills the desire to be a warrior. War type games with airsoft are fun, exciting and bring to life hours of strategic fun.

Airsoft gun games have become elaborate recreational sporting events, where battles take place with the use of airsoft guns. The guns that exist for airsoft play are military replicas that are realistic in look and feel. The good thing about airsoft is that it can be a fairly cheap hobby, unless you really go for the high tech gun selections, and even those weapons can be purchased at this cheap airsoft website for less than retail.

To get started with airsoft one needs to get some equipment, such as a couple of airsoft guns and some protection gear. It’s a good plan to hook up with people who have experience and let them show you around the hobby. There are many different types of airsoft games and ways to play and lots of places to play as well, overall airsoft is a diverse hobby that is very flexible as the players can make up their own rules and play virtually anywhere as long as safety precautions are taken.

Airsoft Gun Models

There are several models of airsoft guns available, some low quality and of course the high end models, all of which use different mechanisms to make the guns fire.

Spring Guns

These types are powered by a spring. They require a manual cock of the firing spring proior to each shot. Because these are very basic models they are cheaper than the electric and gas types and have less power. They are great for beginners.

The Gas Models of Airsoft Guns

For gas models, a shot of gas is what powers them and the shot. They are heavier and harder to handle than the other two types. But, they do offer an advantage over the spring loaded ones because they are able to offer a semi automatic feel and you can shoot a few times before you need to replace the small CO2 cartridge.

The Electric Airsoft Gun

These are top of the line in airsoft and use a motor to power the shot. Disposable batteries are usually required for these models and some come with rechargeable ones. They can fire a lot of shots per minute, up to 1000 rounds, which makes a favorite among enthusiasts.

These models are the most durable and easiest to use. They allow for quick shots, fast BB reloads. They are the most realistic models, staying true to actual military grade weapons. One of the most popular models of electric airsoft gun is the AK-47, which is both auto and semi-auto firing.

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