A Brilliant Concept, Better Than Expected

By | August 31, 2019

I was sent out a sample of the FunBelt for evaluation, but since of the intense colors, I felt this product was targeted for , so I decided to obtain the viewpoints of a lady and share her viewpoints.

The feedback was great. As soon as you determine the best ways to use it, whatever you put within is virtually guaranteed to stay in place since the instructions recommend that you insert your products first, and secure things like keys to an incorporated hook, and slide things like your phone into the slits and then turn it over so the slit faces your body. This provides you a good sense that your products cannot fall out.

The only negative is actually based upon among it’s finest functions. It has no hooks or fasteners. Without hooks or fasteners, it’s plainly more comfortable and unlikely to unhook, but that suggests you need to make sure you get the right fit. The other is you need to move into it, instead of strap it in place. For many people that suggests stepping into it and pulling it to your waste.

– Very comfortable for all kinds of indoor and outside activities.
– No fastening. No chafing.
– No frustrating, geeky, bouncing fanny pack.

– Easy to insert and personal products.
– Turn over for double protection.

– Offered like hot cakes in lots of running events.
– Help you stand apart from those with boring black belts.

– 82 % polyester + 18 % spandex.
– Machine washable & dryable.

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