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Organizing A Great Outdoor Vacation

When you think of vacationing, you may imagine sitting on a beach somewhere with a fruity cocktail and a swimsuit. Many would prefer to seek out adventures and fun on their time off, and sitting on a beach would bore them to tears. If you are a glutton for adventure, there are lots of opportunities… Read More »

Mountain Climbing Techniques

‘Mountain Climbing Techniques’ Archive | RSS Awesome Water Filtering Bottle for Camping  I got this water filtration bottle as a present for my birthday last May since I’m pretty much a hardcore camping enthusiast. My wife knew that I needed a new water bottle filter, but she didn’t think it would save my life. In… Read More »

A Brief Account of Lighter Than Air Flight

If there is a single word that is constantly being proved incorrect throughout history, it is the word ‘impossible’. Everytime a human mind hears of something that has never been done before, there is always a number of people present to say thatit is not possible. Yet, from every now and then, human ingeniunity has… Read More »