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Calf Compression Sleeve

There are a lot of runners and athletes who are suffering from shin splints. This tends to make it harder for them to be able to run for longer distances, and causes a massive amount of discomfort. A single of the most effective solutions to aid shin splint sufferers, is to put on a pair… Read More »

Great Waterproof Bag For Your Items!

This totally waterproof bike bag is a good deal! It has 2 detachable waterproof bags that can be used together on a bike, or detached and used seperately. Each bag is well-padded, and has a double fold with Velcro. I was quickly able to fit my Samsung 9.7″ tablet in the pocket, which was *… Read More »

Mountain Climbing Training

‘Mountain Climbing Training’ Archive | RSS Cordyceps sinensis and C25K – cordyceps sinensis and the Couch to 5k program – How I made it easier 🙂  cordyceps sinensis capsules – Make working out easier and less painful the natural way Just a short history of what happened… My work makes me sit at the desk… Read More »

How Boxing Training Can Keep You Fit

No matter your age, the importance of proper exercise cannot be overly stressed. It’s never too early nor too late to get into shape, though the sooner the better. It makes you feel good, look great and adds years to your life. Now, wouldn’t we all like to add years to our life right? However,… Read More »